CCHRAD Ogbomosho Outreach

CCHRAD Takes Healthcare Program To Ilu-Ode Community In Ogbomosho, Oyo State

The CCHRAD team took a healthcare program to Ilu-Ode in Opete ward of Ogo-Oluwa LGA in Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Nigeria. The outreach was held at  on 3rd Oct, 2015. The team consisted of two medical doctors and six nurses, with Dr. Femi Oke coordinating activities.

The program started at 8am with opening remarks by the program coordinator on behalf of the Executive Director. The mission and vision of CCHRAD were shared. Also, health education was given on the chronic conditions of elderly and importance of check up. The role of personal hygiene and environmental sanitation was also stressed.

Among the activities carried out that day are:

  1. Screening for Hypertension
  2. Screening for Diabetes
  3. Malaria diagnosis with RDT
  4. Screening for HIV

A total of 250 adults and 148 children were attended to. About 8 adults were diabetic, and 45 hypertensive. They were treated accordingly with Anti-hypertensive and oral hypoglycemic agents, and subsequently referred for follow up at the closest PHC to them.

About 100 individuals were positive for malaria and accordingly treated with ACT. All the adults were also vaccinated  with TT vaccination. Children were also treated for URTI , while a 5 year old boy was referred to LUTH on account of direct obstructed hernia.

Testimonies abound from our interviews. Appreciation of what CCHRAD has done for them poured. It is also interesting to know that, other communities have been approaching the organisation for replication of such program in their villages.


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