What We Do

Our Activities

In order to achieve our organisational objectives, CCHRAD strategically mapped out these key areas of operations:

Community Medical Outreaches

CCHRAD renders and supports medical care/outreaches on volunteer basis to the societies, churches, mosques, groups, associations residing within low-income communities. This is core and regular activity of the center.

Community Diagnosis, Treatment, Care and Support

CCHRAD implements and facilitates the screening, management, care and support of symptomatic individual or/and diagnosed individual with HIV, TB, Malaria and non-communicable diseases residing within low-income community. The center also collaborates with governments, medical student associations, health groups, other non-governmental organizations and institutions for these activities.

Community Health Promotion, Sensitization and Awareness

CCHRAD organizes and sponsors activities on health promotion, sensitization and awareness with key groups in low-in communities (youth associations, women groups, men societies, village heads, traditional leaders, trader unions etc) on basic hygiene, improving their health seeking behaviors and early presentation at the health facilities.

Advocate for Evidenced-Based and Community-Friendly Innovative Healthcare Practices

CCHRAD collaborates with local and international research institutions to conduct community-based researches to promote evidence of best practices to be included in health policy for sustainable development. This activity is crucial to engage community leaders, ward consellors, local government chairmen for their political commitment and will for sustainable community healthcare projects.

Community Participation and Empowerment

CCHRAD encourages and facilitates community involvement, mobilization, and empowerment in its project. Meeting together with the community chiefs and village leaders in the areas of healthcare intervention and seeking their suggestion as part of the process for implementation.

Fund Sourcing, Coordination and Reporting

The center will source for funding through grant applications, proposal submissions and international networking to enable it carry out majority of the above stated activities. The center will also ensure strengthening institutional capacity of other community-based NGOs and other organizations for development planning, monitoring and evaluation of project implementation, timely reporting to donors, grantors or funders with means of verifications..